How much ZeoFill do I need for my artificial grass to help control dog urine smell?

For the product to work efficiently to help control odors Zeofill recommends the following:

  • For small dogs under 40 lbs use 1.5 pounds per sq ft
  • For medium size dogs 40 to 50 lbs, 2 pounds per sq ft
  • For large dogs over 50 lbs, use at least 3 pounds per sq ft
  • For more than one dog, we recommend using up to 4 pounds per sq ft

ZeoFill can only control the majority of the smell. ZeoFill only helps control odors, Not eliminate. You must do regular maintenance using an enzyme cleaner to get rid of bacteria.

How often do I need to replace ZeoFill?

This is a one-time application infill if the proper amount is used on top of artificial grass. If your artificial grass area is small and your pets are large the smell may start to accumulate, you might have to remove the infill and install new ZeoFill. ZeoFill can hold 55% of its weight. If urine is saturated for a long period of time, the negative property of ZeoFill will not be able to hold the gases.

ZeoFill is the best artificial grass pet deodorizer. It helps control urine odors by holding the ammonium in the pet urine and preventing it from turning into a gas, which is the main cause of smell.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

ZeoFill is 100% safe for children and pets

1. Listed as Organic by OMRI
2. Natural Product from volcano ash -contains no quarts – crystalline free silica
3. Permeable
4. Safe for kids, pets and plants
5. Helps cool the artificial grass with evaporation
6. Recyclable (LEED Points)

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