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To Reduce the Dog Pee Odor on artificial grass, How Much ZeoFill to Use?

Hey there, making sure your Zeofill works like a charm to tackle odors? Here’s the lowdown straight from ZeoFill in Las Vegas:
  • If you’ve got a small pup under 40 lbs, toss in 1.5 pounds per sq ft.
  • Got a medium-sized dog in the 40 to 50 lbs range? Sprinkle 2 pounds per sq ft.
  • Got a big fur ball over 50 lbs? Go for at least 3 pounds per sq ft.
  • Running a mini zoo with more than one dog? Consider using up to 4 pounds per sq ft for optimal odor control.

Quick heads up, though—ZeoFill Las Vegas does a stellar job at handling most smells, but it’s not a total odor eliminator. For a knockout punch to bacteria, regular maintenance is key. Grab yourself an enzyme cleaner, and you’ll keep things smelling fresh and clean.

A Black kovy dog sitting on zeofill Las Vegas bag
Two Dogs sitting on artificial grass is filled with zeofill Las Vegas

How Often To Replace ZeoFill Las Vegas?

Applying the correct amount of this filler to artificial grass is a one-time task. You may need to remove the infill and replace it with new ZeoFill if the area of your fake grass is tiny and your pets are huge, since this might lead to the accumulation of odor. ZeoFill has a volumetric capacity of 55%. The inert nature of ZeoFill means it will not be able to contain gasses in saturated urine for very long.

If you own an artificial grass pet, you should deodorize it using ZeoFill Las Vegas. By retaining ammonium in the urine and limiting its conversion to gas—the primary source of odor—it aids in controlling urine smells.

ZeoFill in Las Vegas is completely Kid-and Pet-Friendly

  1. OMRI has this on their organic list.
  2. Made from volcanic ash, this natural product is devoid of quarts and includes crystalline silica.
  3. Allows for
  4. Plant- and child-friendly
  5. Assists in evaporative cooling of the synthetic grass
  6. Recyclable Leed Points
German Sheffered sitting on zeofill Las Vegas

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