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Artificial Grass Las Vegas - Synthetic Lawns
Artificial Turf Installer in Las Vegas, Nevada

Experience lush luxury with our synthetic lawns. Our premium artificial turf solutions seamlessly redefine outdoor living.


Guaranteed Lowest Prices on Artificial Turf with Unbeatable Quality

Las Vegas High-Quality Artificial Grass

Elevate your outdoor experience with Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas! As a premier artificial turf installer and landscaper, we bring you top-quality artificial grass sourced directly from the factory. Enjoy unbeatable prices, expert artificial turf installations, and lush, hassle-free lawns that redefine outdoor living. All our practices are never a burden on your pocket. Feel free to get in touch.

Enjoy the beauty that lasts! The high-quality materials used to make our top-of-the-line fake grass ensure that it will forever look great. If you want the best deals and the best service, choose Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas. Raise the level of your outdoor oasis—contact us right away to learn more about our top-class services!

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Artificial Turf Installer

Artificial Turf Services in Las Vegas Valley

Artificial Turf Landscaper

Our landscaping expertise transforms your outdoor spaces into beautiful, sustainable areas. As a leading landscaper and artificial turf supplier in Las Vegas, Nevada, we specialize in designing and creating stunning environments with high-quality artificial turf and synthetic grass. Our commitment is to provide you with a green space that requires minimal maintenance, conserves water, and remains lush year-round. Whether you dream of a serene backyard retreat or a vibrant, welcoming front yard, our team brings your vision to life with the finest fake grass solutions.

Artificial Turf Installation

Choosing Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas for your artificial turf installation means selecting excellence. As the top artificial turf supplier in the area, we pride ourselves on our precision and attention to detail, ensuring that every inch of your space is covered with premium artificial grass or Astro Turf. Our artificial grass installation process is streamlined and efficient, designed to transform your outdoor areas quickly without sacrificing quality. Enjoy the benefits of artificial turf: a perfect, green lawn all year round without watering, mowing, or fertilizing.

Residential Turf

Transform your home with our residential artificial turf services. We specializes in installing high-quality synthetic grass that enhances the beauty and functionality of your outdoor living spaces. Our residential turf is ideal for yards, gardens, and patios, offering a beautiful, low-maintenance lawn that saves water and time. We also offer a warranty on all our products. Say goodbye to lawn care chores and hello to more time enjoying your perfect, green space.

Commercial Turf

Make a lasting impression with our commercial artificial turf solutions. We understand the importance of maintaining a professional appearance. Our commercial-grade synthetic grass is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, look vibrant year-round, and reduce maintenance costs. Ideal for office buildings, retail spaces, and public areas, our fake grass solutions enhance your property’s curb appeal while being environmentally friendly. All of our products are covered by a warranty as well.

Synthetic Putting Greens

Elevate your game with our synthetic putting greens, designed for golf enthusiasts of all levels. We use top-of-the-line artificial turf to create putting greens that mimic the feel and performance of real grass. Our artificial putting greens are perfect for residential or commercial spaces, offering a low-maintenance and durable solution for practicing your golf game. Let us help you design a custom putting green that fits your space and improves your golf experience.

Playground Turf

Our playground turf solutions are designed with safety and durability in mind. We offer artificial grass that provides a safe, cushioned surface for children to play on, reducing the risk of injuries and keeping the area pristine. Our fake grass is perfect for playgrounds, schools, and daycare centers, offering a hygienic, low-maintenance alternative to natural grass. Trust Las Vegas’s highly-rated artificial turf supplier to create a fun and safe play area that kids will love.

Pet-Friendly Turf Solutions

Our pet-friendly turf solutions offer a safe, durable space for your furry friends to enjoy. Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas provides synthetic turf that is easy to clean, resistant to wear and tear, and free from harmful chemicals. Our pet turf ensures a hygienic, odor-free area where pets can play and relax. We provide warranties to all our pet artificial turf products and installation. Trust us to create a pet-friendly outdoor space that looks great and keeps your pets happy and safe.

Astro Turf Solutions

Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas specialize in installing high-quality Astro Turf, the leading name in artificial turf. Our expert team is dedicated to transforming your spaces with AstroTurf’s unparalleled durability and beauty. Perfect for any setting, from residential gardens to commercial landscapes, Astro Turf is the leading artificial grass that provides a low-maintenance, green solution all year round. Embrace the ease and aesthetic of Astro Turf installed by our professionals, ensuring a flawless, natural look. Choose us for your Astro Turf needs and enjoy a superior, durable lawn that stands the test of time and the harsh Las Vegas climate.

Las Vegas Artificial Turf Frequently Asked Questions

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Artificial Turf Landscaper

Revitalize Your Space with Premium Artificial Turf, Endless Transformation

About Our Vision – Local Trusted Artificial Turf Landscaper in Clark County

At the heart of our vision lies a commitment to redefining spaces and enriching lives. We envision a world where landscapes are not just physical spaces but vibrant canvases that evoke emotions and inspire well-being. Our mission is to seamlessly blend innovation with sustainability and aesthetics.

It is our mission to create environments that captivate and endure. We aspire to be pioneers in transforming outdoor and indoor spaces, fostering a connection between people and nature. With an unwavering focus on quality, our vision is to set the standard for excellence in every project we undertake without putting a dent in your wallet.

Welcome to a future where your surroundings transcend mere spaces and become expressions of timeless beauty and functionality with our cutting-edge solutions.

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I recently had the pleasure of working with Synthetic Lawns – for an artificial grass installation in Las Vegas, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with their level of professionalism and expertise. From the initial consultation to the final installation, the team was attentive to my needs and provided helpful guidance throughout the entire process. The final product was beyond my expectations, and I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for top-quality artificial grass installation services in Las Vegas.

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I had installed artificial grass in my lawn by Synthetic Lawns. Just like the other reviews mention. The experience with Ken and his son Patrick was outstanding. When I met with them for the estimate they listened to what I was looking for and Ken actually talked me out of doing an area on the side of my house because it was a waste of money, and nobody would see it. He was the only contractor that mentioned it to me. He didn’t rush me or try to get me to sign on the spot. I received 5 bids and Ken made me feel the most comfortable. His whole team is professional. I truly believe if you’re looking for a great experience, you should call Synthetic Lawns.

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I had a fantastic experience working with Synthetic Lawns. The team was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional from start to finish. They took the time to understand my needs and worked closely with me to design and install the perfect artificial grass solution for my space. The quality of their work was exceptional, and I couldn’t be happier with the final result. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable and experienced artificial grass installer in Las Vegas.

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Areas We Serve

Say Goodbye to the Hassle No More Mowing!

Top-Rated Synthetic Grass Installation in Las Vegas, NV

Unlike real grass, synthetic grass is safer and lasts far longer; Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas sells, installs, and services artificial grass.

Every part of the surface, from the synthetic turf fibers and infill materials (sand, Durafill, or 100% clean recycled rubber) to the drainage system, ensures you stay dry. When it comes to artificial grass, Las Vegas only employs the best. We are able to undercut the competition on price for synthetic grass because we sell directly to the consumer, cutting out the intermediary.

When it comes to water smart contractors, the Southern Nevada Water Authority has given the green light to Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas. Getting your rebate accepted with Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas is faster than using an online application. Visit for additional information.

Types of Artificial Grass We Can Install

Following types of Artificial Grass are available at Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas;

  • Plush Artificial Grass
  • Pet Turf
  • Pro 80 Artificial Grass
  • M Blade Artificial Grass
  • Spring 100 Artificial Grass
  • Lush Artificial Grass
  • Pro Putt Turf
  • True Putt Artificial Grass, and more.
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Transform Your Space with Premium Artificial Turf – Contact Us Today!

Transforming your outdoor space has never been easier with Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas. Our premium artificial grass and turf solutions are designed to enhance the beauty and functionality of any area, from residential yards to commercial landscapes. With the convenience of low maintenance, water conservation, and long-lasting durability, our synthetic grass is the smart choice for Las Vegas properties. Don’t wait to create the perfect, green space you’ve always wanted. Contact us today at (702) 278-2220, fill out our contact form, or visit our website for more information. Let us help you achieve a stunning outdoor area you and your guests will love year-round.

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