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ZEO Fills Reviews — Best Grass for Pets

By July 8, 2022No Comments
You already know that maintain a real grass lawn is very difficult. Desert temperatures and a lack of rainfall make for a lethal mix for most lawns in Las Vegas. But when you add a dog (or three) to the mix, your poor lawn will probably pack it up and head to Boston for a vacation.

That’s why ZeoFill was invented. ZeoFill is an additive to artificial turf that is the perfect choice for odor control. When coupled with artificial grass, it becomes a great solution for those of us who love green grass but don’t want the hassle of trying to maintain it.

Let’s review this product and learn why it’s a natural replacement for grass in Las Vegas.

ZeoFill for Pets and Kids

In Las Vegas, many homeowners seek the green, lush lawn that signifies a well-kept home. Green grass leading up to a manicured front stoop do a lot for curb appeal, and when that grass exists in the desert, it’s even more striking.

But a real lawn in Las Vegas also has negative connotations for energy efficiency and conservation efforts. We have been living under drought conditions for years, so those homeowners who use precious water to maintain a lawn are sometimes viewed negatively as “water wasters.”

All of these issues illustrate why artificial grass is so popular in Las Vegas. For homeowners that want the look and feel of green grass without having the upkeep, synthetic lawns just make sense. But homeowners considering astro turf also worry that their pets elimination habits will destroy the landscape as fast as we can lay it.

That’s where ZeoFill comes into play. Zeo Fill is an effective additive to synthetic turf that replaces other infill options. ZeoFill serves multiple purposes in your artificial turf:

  • It holds the turf down to help control expansion and contraction during hot or cold weather.
  •     ZeoFill helps hold the turf fibers vertically.
  • Distributes water across turf fibers.
  • Deodorizes pet urine and feces so there are no messy odors.


It’s this last point that homeowners are often most concerned about. Pet elimination naturally breaks down into the soil. Homeowners often ask us about how this process works with an artificial turf solution. The answer is ZeoFill.

ZeoFill Reviews in Las Vegas

Homeowners with multiple dogs love this product. That’s because it can handle a lot of traffic. From dog parks to multi-pet households, ZeoFill is a necessity when considering artificial turf. As an organic additive, ZeoFill is completely safe for pets and children. ZeoFill is a natural product made from volcanic ash. A simple wash periodically with a garden hose ensures hours of playtime for your kids and pets.

Call us today to find out your options for adding synthetic turf with ZeoFill to your Las Vegas lawn. ZeoFill reviews are outstandingly positive. Homeowners that want a big green lawn for their children and pets to play on, without harming the environment or wasting our resources, choose artificial turf with ZeoFill as a green alternative for the Las Vegas climate.

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