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Why You Should Install Artificial Grass Around Your Pool

By July 7, 2022No Comments

Traditionally, a lot of in-ground swimming pool decks were made of hard materials such as concrete, tiles, pavers, or wood decking. However, concrete is costly, tiles can be very slippery when wet, pavers use a lot of elbow grease to maintain, and wood decking needs high maintenance. However, a natural-looking artificial grass that extends around your pool gives you both the functionality and beauty that is incomparable to any other decking materials, making synthetic grass the best choice for landscaping your pool area. 

The climate of Las Vegas is subtropical desert, with extremely hot temperatures in the summer days. This makes lounging around a pool to be a great way of relaxing and enjoying your free time, especially during summer. Selecting the best type of landscaping around your pool requires something that is safe, always good looking, and long lasting. The following are some of the reasons making artificial turf an excellent choice.

Great Drainage

Artificial grass drains completely, which is one of the reasons why it is great around any swimming pool. Perfect drainage means that kids can have a pool party and later play around without creating puddles in the mud or grass. The area around the pool gets a lot of water, which is not good for natural grass. Artificial turf loan handles excessive water efficiently. 

The chemicals used in pool maintenance cannot damage the lawn, however, the lawn can spoil the pool if dirt and bits of grass land in the pool because if mowing, swimmers, or storms. Artificial grass stays where it is installed, does not require maintenance, and therefore does not damage the pool.


Artificial grass is both a safe and non-slip surface, making it ideal to be used around a pool. A non-slip surface is very important around a pool area, which can become wet quickly and therefore hazardous. Synthetic turf does not become as hot as concrete or as slippery as tiles, and it is therefore a better option than tiles, brickwork, or concrete. 


Artificial grass can stand up well to Las Vegas’ harsh weather. It will not break or mold when wet. Moreover, not even an indoor-outdoor carpet can handle the ultraviolet rays amongst other elements and still be intact like artificial grass.           

An Aesthetic Look

The pool area should be among the most attractive places. Artificial grass makes a beautifully and stunning contrast to the pool water. It is also easy to maintain. Artificial grass can look almost exactly like a natural lawn, and stays green all year long.

Conclusively, it is evident that artificial grass is the best landscaping solution for the area surrounding your swimming pool. It is undeniably better than natural grass, tiles, concrete, pavers, or even wood decking, the traditional solutions. As discussed above, artificial turf has great drainage, does not get slippery even when wet, it is durable, and it also offers a gorgeous look. Brought together, these benefits of artificial grass make it the best solution to install around your pool.

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