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Why is synthetic lawn turf better for athletes?

By July 7, 2022September 19th, 2022No Comments

If you’re in Las Vegas or the surrounding area, you’ve probably already realized the benefits of synthetic lawn grass as an environmentally friendly way to add a great deal of curb appeal to your home.

Synthetic lawn turf was likely a familiar product to you if your children played sports in school. Many high schools, colleges, and professional sporting venues now use synthetic lawn grass on their playing fields. Whether it’s soccer or football, artificial turf remains the best solution for a lawn meant to handle the rough play of sporting events.

But why is synthetic lawn turf so popular for sports? How can it benefit the athletes that play on it?

Benefits of Synthetic Lawn Turf for Sports

In 1966 the Houston Astrodome rolled out the first professional playing field made with AstroTurf. It was a shocking shift from grass fields, but one that today we take completely for granted. Today’s synthetic grass is much more realistic in appearance, appealing, and durable than the AstroTurf from the 60s. But some of the benefits remain largely the same:

  • Low maintenance is probably still the best feature of synthetic grass, whether it’s at your home or on the football field. You can skip the mowing, fertilizing, weeding, and in Las Vegas, the excessive watering that comes with real grass. Using real grass for sporting events makes you a real glutton for punishment, in our opinion; the players’ cleats and roughhousing can destroy all your hard work in seconds. When you consider all the grass that needs to be replaced each year, synthetic grass ends up being more economical on the sports field than you might have imagined. A high-quality synthetic grass could last at least 15 years, no matter how rough the athletes are.
  • Safety for the players is a key feature of artificial grass. The Synthetic Turf Council reports that synthetic grass is very safe to play on – in fact, it’s as safe as real grass.
  • Synthetic grass is good for the environment. In addition to water conservation, recycled materials are used in most artificial turfgrass applications these days. Too, not having to mow constantly cuts down on carbon emissions. Replacing real turf frequently usually means the sod is cut out and thrown in a landfill.

These are all reasons why artificial turf is a viable alternative to real grass on college and high school playing fields. Most professional sports are already using synthetic grass, and they swear by it. You’ll see synthetic grass in baseball, and it was used in the 2015 Women’s World cup. Sports teams can order grass to fit whatever they’re playing because it comes in different textures and fills heights. You can even choose colors that let the players see the markings on the field more clearly.

Today, synthetic grass has evolved into a beneficial and easy-to-care-for product suitable for adding curb appeal to your home or providing a solid playing field for your favorite sports team. Contact us today if you’d like to discuss adding artificial turf to your home, sporting venue, or playground.

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