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Why artificial grass is good for dogs in Las Vegas

By July 7, 2022No Comments
Our dogs do silly things sometimes. Like eat all of our right foot shoes and snag the last piece of bacon from the counter. Dogs can also do things that result in more irritation in situations where they destroy a nice sofa or ruin your lawn. While you could put a bunch of money into maintaining a natural lawn, you’ll be wasting a great amount of time-fighting two big enemies; heat and your best friend along with the pests they meet on their adventures.
Being able to provide a big lawn for our furry friends is an important qualification for any pet owner looking for a home. But when considering whether choosing artificial grass is right for you, there are a few details you should keep in mind. Most of the benefits will get you thinking that artificial grass may be the right thing for you.

Is an Artificial Lawn Right for You?

It’s important to first understand that artificial lawns are very durable and can give your little pup a run for his money. Unlike natural grass, your dog won’t be able to ruin your artificial lawn by urinating or pooping on it. You also have the option with pet turf of requesting pet poop patches installed with your artificial grass.
Note that unlike natural grass, the poop will have nowhere to naturally absorb or break down. This just means that homeowners will need to make a point of manually cleaning their lawn. This can be easily done with a hose and scooper.

No More Pests and Ticks to Burrow in Fur

Artificial grass also eliminated the risk of having to deal with pests like fleas, ticks, and other little as well as big critters. This helps prevent the possibility of your dog getting any little friends from the backyard into their fur and all over your home. While it’s not a 100% guarantee that having artificial grass completely prevents the possibility of your getting fleas or ticks, it brings the possibility down considerably.

Safer than Natural Grass

You also won’t have to worry about using fertilizer and pesticides that can be very harmful to your best friend. Your lawn will stay looking great and your best bub will be able to enjoy their time in the outdoors without getting into something dangerous.
If you ever look out at your lawn and realize it’s looking a little dirty from your dog going to the bathroom and running around on it, feel free to hook up your water hose and spray it down. Your artificial grass will stay looking great and you get to say goodbye to the mess your dog made.
The beauty of artificial grass is that it can stand the test of time and stay looking amazing for up to 20 years even with your pets and kids running around on it. Requesting a quote from Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas is easy to do and provides you with the highest quality customer service you’ll find in the valley.

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