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Why are sprinklers a bad idea for artificial grass?

By June 30, 2022July 7th, 2022No Comments

The idea of a  sprinkler system used with your artificial grass lawn sounds like a great way to keep the grass clean, wash down urine from pets and keep the turf cooler, but Unfortunately it comes with many drawbacks especially in the Las Vegas Valley.

The constant watering of the artificial grass will eventually turn the green fibers to an ashy white color because of the calcium in the hard water. The other major problem is the sub-base constantly getting wet  over time,  it will cause sinkholes in the sub-base.

Constant moisture under artificial grass will invite bugs to hide in the most damp underlayment, it will also promote growth of grass or weeds because of the moisture. Then there is the concern of mold growing  underneath the turf. These things are all more likely to happen during the summer months when the turf is watered , and the summer  temperature is high.

The best way to maintain e clean artificial lawn is to occasionally rinse it off if needed with water and use a leaf blower or broom to keep it clean and prestige.

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