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What’s the process for installing artificial grass?

By July 8, 2022September 20th, 2022No Comments
Whether you’re waiting for your artificial grass to be installed, or you’re still considering making the purchase, we thought it might be helpful to understand the steps we’ll take when installing your synthetic grass. While there may be a few variations, depending upon whether you’ve added Zeofill or other upgrades, the basic process stays the same, no matter the size of your yard. Let’s take a look at artificial grass installation.

Step 1: Preparation is Crucial

Like a lot of installation processes, the prep work will ensure a long-lasting product that you will be pleased to own. Step one in any artificial turf installation is to remove and level the existing ground covering. Typically, we treat the ground to provide a solid foundation for your artificial grass. We have to make the foundation stable and flat, but also still permeable to water. We will already have utilities marked, so we can be sure not to disrupt any services.

Step 2: Creating the Foundation

Then we lay a bender board or other product to create a divide between other landscape features, such as a driveway or flowerbed. We will then lay a base, which could be Zeofill or another infill product, to help with drainage. It’s also important to lay a barrier to prevent weeds from springing up in the middle of the yard. Depending on the size of your yard, this could take one to two days.

Step 3: Laying the Turf

Next, it’s time to actually lay artificial grass. The turf is cut and rolled out to fit the framing, and an infill is added to help the grass blades stand upright. The weight also secures the turf and keeps it from mowing.

Step 4: Give it a Good Brushing

Finally, once the turf is laid and the infill is added, we give the artificial grass a good combing. Basically, we use a machine that power brushes the turf. It’s a final grooming process that removes debris and helps evenly distribute the infill across the turf.

How Long Does This Take?

The time it takes to install artificial grass depends precisely on how large your lawn is. Generally, it takes a couple of days to install artificial turf in the average-sized Las Vegas home.

Why don’t I Just Install the Artificial Grass Myself?

Technically, we guess you could DIY it – there are videos online that you can watch. The problem is that it would certainly void the warranty. Too, a large yard would have variances in the evenness of the ground that would make tying together the seams very difficult. You could end up with a patchwork backyard – so some things are better left to the professionals.

Artificial Grass – The Best Investment

Adding artificial turf to your Las Vegas lawn is a great option for homeowners who want a nice patch of green to come home to. The grass ultimately pays for itself, as homeowners save on lawn maintenance costs, including watering and mowing. It’s a worry-free addition to any home.

Contact us today to find out your options for artificial turf installation.

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