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What is Artificial Grass Made From?

By July 7, 2022No Comments

Artificial grass first made headlines in the 1960s when it was rolled out with the Houston Astrodome. Back then it was made of synthetic fibers, which looked and felt a lot like the plastic it was made out of.

Boy has artificial grass come a long way! What’s astro turf like today and how can it make watering and mowing your Nevada lawn a thing of the past?

Today’s Third Generation Artificial Grass

Today’s modern artificial turf is around the third generation of synthetic grass lawn that we’ve seen on the market. Today’s synthetic grass lawns are springier, lusher, and much more environmentally friendly than what we saw in the 60s. Like a lot of products, the industry has worked hard to improve over the years.

Faux grass was made originally by the carpet industry. Artificial grass really changed professional sports; there are thousands of professional and non-professional fields around the country that benefit from the no muss artificial grass option.

How is Synthetic Turf Made?

Most of the process for making artificial turf happens in a modern automated industrial factory. They start by melting white and green plastic pellets. The “soup” is run through a metal plate with holes and extruded from the bottom into grass strands. A machine separates the strands and stretches. This strengthens the grass.

After stretching, each synthetic grass strand is spooled just like on a sewing machine bobbin. Each strand comes together into the individual grass blades that make up your turf. Once the grass strands are complete, a mesh fabric is merged with the grass. The fabric and grass go through a tufting machine, which is exactly like the world’s largest multi-needed sewing machine. The grass strands are sewn directly into to the mesh, making for an incredibly tough product.

Remember, these lawns were made for the toughest abuse that pro footballers can dish out!

The final part of the process is when the looped web of artificial grass is glued to an underlayment and drive. At the end of the process, hot pins permeate the grass sheet, so water can be absorbed through the mat. After inspection, a test is run that simulates hundreds of cleats running across the grass to see how it holds up. Now, that’s some tough grass!

Click here for the “How It’s Made” video on artificial turf.

Installing Artificial Turf

Installing artificial turf properly requires a multi-step process to ensure your grass lasts for years. Assessing the foundation under the grass is particularly important; it must be level and proper drainage must be assured. The base material we install is typically made from recycled rubber products. Grading and leveling the base is part of this process. Everything is carefully seamed together so the grass looks completely natural from afar. When the turf is finally added, a layer of sand or zeofill for pets can be added. Then we give it a good watering to check drainage and the springiness of the material to see if we need to add more zeofill.

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