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Uses of Artificial Grass

By July 7, 2022No Comments

Uses of Artificial Grass

Artificial turf is undeniably a very versatile product that can be used in numerous applications. The wide variety of applications has dramatically increased partly because of technological advances and creativity. This article explores some of the common uses of artificial turf and also explains why artificial grass outweighs natural lawn in benefits.

Residential Gardens

Artificial grass is commonly installed in residential gardens as natural lawn replacement. Artificial grass has gained popularity, and numerous homeowners are becoming aware of the benefits of installing artificial grass in their homes. There is minimal maintenance required for artificial grass. Synthetic grass is also both family and pet friendly, creating a safer and a more beautiful environment than natural grass.

Rooftop Gardens and Balconies

Introducing some green to balconies and rooftop gardens is among the best ways of brightening them up. While paving and concrete can appear to be harsh, mostly on rooftops, synthetic grass adds some welcome green. Artificial grass is easily installed and the installation process is quick.

Dogs and Pets

Real lawns and dogs are not a great combination. There are a lot of frustrations that dog owners experience when trying to maintain natural lawn. Bald grass patches and urine scorched turf are not so much pleasing to the eye, and so are muddy paws and mess indoors. These reasons have made a lot of dog owners to prefer artificial turf as the solution. There is also a trend where dog day care centers and dog kennels have artificial turf installed.

Exhibitions and Events

Synthetic turf is a great way of decorating stands at events and exhibitions. Artificial grass is an excellent way to attract attention because if its natural and warming look. Running a stand at an exhibition demands attracting as much attention as possible. The fake grass can easily be installed on display stands used in showing off products. 

Nurseries and Schools

A lot of nurseries and schools are now choosing artificial grass. There are a lot of reasons for this choice. First, artificial grass is long-lasting as it can handle the pressure of being regularly stepped on without resulting to bare patches, which turn into mud baths after rains. Additionally, artificial turf requires less maintenance, reducing the costs for ground maintenance. 

Sports Surfacing

Synthetic turf was primarily made to be used in sport pitches as they receive heavy and frequent use. Besides easy maintenance, artificial grass makes the pitches to appear in perfect conditions and reduces injury risks. 


Hotels are now choosing synthetic grass for their courtyards, lawn areas, and entrances. Artificial grass is very appealing to the eyes and requires low maintenance, saving the hotels maintenance costs.

Golf Putting Greens

Many budding golfers prefer having their own putting greens for practice instead of going to the golf clubs. Artificial grass is perfect for these greens.


Artificial grass revitalizes an office, making the staff feel as if they are working outdoors. Better environment for staff increases productivity inside the workplace.

The above are just some of the uses of artificial grass. Its vibrance, attractive looks, and low maintenance efforts make it a great option to many.

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