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Tips to Keep your Artificial Putting Green in Mint Condition.

By July 7, 2022No Comments
The beauty of artificial turf is that it requires minimal maintenance efforts. When you decide to have an artificial putting green in your backyard, some upkeep will be necessary to keep it in optimal shape. Below are some tips that will help you keep your artificial putting green beautiful, functional, and in mint condition.

1.Keep visible debris off your green.

Always ensure you remove any branches, leaves, and any other visible debris from your green as soon as you see it. After doing this, always brush your artificial green to keep the grass blades upright. Brushing the turf will ensure that the artificial turf will maintain a quality ball roll even after constant foot traffic. While brushing your green, always ensure you use a soft rake or a brush specially made for artificial turf.

2.Use a power broom.

Constant foot traffic can cause your artificial grass blades to lie flat and become less vibrant. To reverse this, use a power broom to help fluff and keep them standing in an upright position. With a power broom, you do not have to fear overusing your artificial turf since you can use it as much as you can.

3.Always remove the weeds.

It’s rare for weeds to grow through artificial turf, but it’s not impossible. Weed can sometimes grow to the surface through cracks and holes and along the edges of the turf. Do not give them a chance to take your lawn. Always pull them out as soon as you spot them or use an organic weed killer to do away with them.

4.Use vinegar to eliminate mildew.

Chances of mildew appearing on artificial turf are minimum, but it’s also not impossible. Mildew can appear on your artificial green when the conditions are favorable and when nothing is done about it. Whenever you spot mildew on your artificial green, use a dab of vinegar to eliminate it.

5.Clean thoroughly after pets.

Whenever you spot your pet’s waste on your artificial green, always do a thorough cleanup on the spot. Hose and rinse the spot after cleaning up to keep your artificial green clean and odor-free.

6.Keep your artificial green away from any fire.

It’s advisable to keep any kind of flames such as cigarettes, charcoal grills, and fireworks away from your artificial putting green. Also, keep any gasoline, oil, or any other petroleum-based chemicals away from your artificial turf. Fire can significantly destroy the shape and beauty of your artificial putting green.

7.Cover your artificial putting green

In most cases, the artificial grass on your putting green can resist the harmful effects of rain, snow, and ice. But prolonged exposure to sun rays can cause the turf’s vibrant colors to fade away over time. Although this is hardly noticeable, it’s best always to provide a cover for your artificial putting green.
Although artificial putting green requires minimal maintenance, it’s vital to have it cleaned periodically to keep its beauty, functionality, and value for as long as possible.

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