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Synthetic turf and playground injuries

By July 7, 2022No Comments

The National Program for Playground Safety spelled out the dangers of falling from playground equipment. From 2001 to 2008, 218,851 children ended up in emergency rooms from spills off of playground equipment. Could the use of synthetic turf have prevented these injuries? This article looks at the danger of falling on the gravel or hard packed dirt found in most preschool and elementary playgrounds, and whether artificial grass could help keep these children safer.

Accidents on the Playground – Statistics

Studies have shown that playgrounds pose a significant hazard to children when falling from play equipment, but that synthetic materials can create a softer surface to land on. The National Program for Playground Safety documented the following:

  • 19% of all playground equipment injuries happened at home.
  • Of the incidents recorded, 67% involved falls or equipment failure leading to falls.

    The Center for Disease Control says all children who use playground equipment are at risk for injury. They point out the following grim statistics:

  • Children ages five to nine are at higher risk for ER visits.
  • Approximately 45% of playground injuries are severe, with fractures, and internal injuries leading the list of potential ailments for children suffering falls.
  • Swings are typically responsible for the most injuries.

Whether it’s the public playground or at home, installing artificial turf is one way to help create an evenly dispersed softer surface to cushion falling children. Synthetic grass also offers the following four benefits:

  • Long lasting
  • Maintenance free
  • Attractive and clean
  • Cost-effective

Adding synthetic grass to your home will create a safer playground for children. Our team offers a variety of padding sizes to support falling from a height of up to 12 feet! These synthetic grass products meet high-quality benchmarks, including ASTM F1292-17 safety standards.

ASTM is a global organization that develops safety standards. More than 30,000 participating safety experts help develop these standards that cover a variety of areas, including padding the falls and spills that can occur on a playground.

Advantages of Synthetic Grass for Playgrounds

Artificial turf can be padded as needed and it drains quickly after the torrential downpours we experience in Las Vegas. It can also withstand searing desert heat without needing any sort of maintenance. Low maintenance synthetic grass is a particularly good option for homes located in desert states that experience drought restrictions. While real grass requires constant maintenance in our desert climate, synthetic grass can withstand everything the Las Vegas desert can dish out – and more.

Many preschools and elementary programs have begun choosing synthetic grass as a viable alternative to real grass. Cushioning the falls of children playing on high playground equipment or swings is just one reason to choose synthetic grass. Adding this feature to your home can also add to the value of your property; having an attractive, durable, and safe playground will make a welcome addition to any Las Vegas property.

Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas would be pleased to provide your family with a free estimate for a new place to play for your children. Contact us today to find out just how affordable artificial turf is.

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