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SNWA rebate for converting natural grass into artificial

By July 7, 2022No Comments
The southern Nevada water authority is directing more funds into one of its trademark efforts. The authority will now pay the residents and commercial owners three dollars for every square foot of natural grass they rip out and replace it with synthetic turf. Agency officials hope the rebate will encourage more contribution in the nine-year-old program, which has experienced a consistent decline in natural grass conversions over the past ten years.
The program is focused on this as a wish to reinvigorate the entire plan. John Entsminger is the authority’s general manager, said that he had noticed a current riding in per capita water usage. Since 2015, the program has paid two dollars for each square foot for the initial five thousand square feet of turf extracted. The participants will currently receive three dollars for the initial ten thousand square feet and one dollar and fifty cents for every square foot ensuing, up to an entire rebate of three hundred thousand dollars. The program is still observing the community’s reaction to the transformation, but it would love more rebate funds to be used so that the board approves more rebate money.

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