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Should You Use Zeiofill? Here Are the Top 4 Reasons Why & Tips About ZEOFILL

By July 7, 2022No Comments

ZeoFill is natural, non-toxic and organic pet deodorizer for artificial grass, which is currently the best solution on the market. If you have pets, don’t forget to use it with your turf because it will help with the odor that could otherwise be a problem. ZeoFill is Zeolite-based, and that is really impresive material! For instance, it was one of the first materials used by NASA to grow plants in space!

Besides the primary benefit of using ZeoFill (help with the odor), there are a few more less known positive sides of this deodorizer. For example, it makes your grass cooler and it doesn’t produce dust. Learn more about these and find some useful tips in this blog post.

ZeoFill controls dog urine smell

One of the most known positive effects of ZeoFill is that it controls the majority of the smell. It is a one-time application, and if you use the proper amount that’s it.

ZeoFill makes the grass cooler

Besides functioning as the best artificial grass pet deodorizer on the market, ZeoFill makes the artificial turf a lot cooler as well, because it helps cool the grass with evaporation. This can be of great help when it comes to Las Vegas heat!

ZeoFill is totally safe and organic

ZeoFill is listed as organic by OMRI, it is non-toxic so you don’t have to worry if you have pets or small children. It will not cause reaction if it comes in contact with the skin or if it is ingested.

Furthermore, ZeoFill is 100% Quartz Free & California Prop 65 Safe which really makes it stand out as a supreme, healthy and effective solution.

ZeoFill doesn’t produce dust

Once you are done with the installation phase, ZeoFill will not produce any dust. However, during the production, dust is created and that is why some of the granules may have some powder remaining, so when your spreading ZeoFill throughout your lawn, there will be dust. After this phase, the lawn should be wet down rinsing away any powder and dust particles.

Tips and important things to have in mind when you are using ZeoFIll

ZeoFill is one-time application if you have used the proper amount. Remember however, that it could happen you would have to replace it: if the grass area is small and you have larger dogs, the odor could start to accumulate. ZeoFIll can handle around 55% of its weight.

Remember that ZeoFill helps with odors, it doesn’t eliminate them totally. You should use an enzyme cleaner regularly to get rid of bacteria.

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