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Saving Money and 4 More Reasons to Choose Artificial Grass

By July 8, 2022No Comments
If you have been wondering about artificial grass solutions and researching online, you might have read that artificial turf is 10 to 15 percent more popular each year in US. There might be skeptics or people simply thinking it is weird, but for most of us, when you try artificial grass, you never go back. Artificial grass is kid and pet friendly, it looks natural, it’s stain and heat resistant, it doesn’t fade in the sun… did we mention you never ever have to water, mow and fertilize again? Our team at Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas LLC stands by our product 100 and we had many happy customers with beautiful lawns!

In our experience, here are top 5 reasons why our customers choose artificial turf.

Synthetic grass increases home value and saves money

Synthetic grass is a smart investment because it saves money, with time, it can literally pay itself as you save money on water bills, fertilizers etc. What’s even better, it increases home value.

Synthetic turf saves water and it is eco-friendly

By saving water, you also save the environment. This is one of the best sides of artificial grass. But our grass is also eco-friendly when it comes to processes and materials used, so we make sure your lawns are good for the environment, as well as for your family and pets.

Besides, think of hot weather in Las Vegas and some of the worst droughts we had! It is great that you do not have to water the lawn, so you’re able to save water, time and money.

Artificial turf  can be used where grass wouldn’t grow

Sometimes the grass simply doesn’t grow. You try watering and watering, throwing away time and money, you try fertilizing and everything… Sometimes, there’s simply no help or solution. With Las Vegas heat and dry condition, there’s almost only two types of turf grass that can survive, Bermuda or Buffalo. But sometimes, even when grass does grow, it is slow to grow, there are portions that are clumpy as well as dead areas etc.

Artificial turf is an easy and beatiful solution to a green and pleasant lawn anywhere.

Artificial grass is easy to maintain

Artificial grass is so much easier to maintain than grass lawn – no more sowing, no more sweating, no more watering and worrying about Las Vegas heat or dry weather. Once we took care of your new lawn, the maintenance is a breeze.

Synthetic turf drains better and it has over 20 years life expectancy

Thanks to advanced technology and materials we use, synthetic turf is superior when it comes to life expectancy and water draining. That’s just one more out of many reasons more and more house owners choos synthetic turf.

Interested? Get in touch with Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas!

If you are interested in installing synthetic turf, whether it is for landscapes or playgrounds, contact us and get a free quote. . With dedication to home owners and highly professional service, we have a lot of happy costumers. We are authorized by the Southern Nevada Water Authority as a Water Smart Contractor.

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