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Pets and Artificial Grass — What You Need to Know

By July 7, 2022September 19th, 2022No Comments

Increasingly, the phones are ringing off the hook with Las Vegas homeowners seeking environmentally friendly ways to retain the curb appeal of their front yard, while complying with increasingly restrictive lawn watering restrictions in our city.

Some of the most common questions we get are related to the comfort of the grass for kids and pets and the maintenance required to keep artificial grass clean. This article looks at some of the most common questions about artificial grass and pets. If you have dogs or cats, is artificial grass right for your family?

Dogs and Las Vegas Artificial Grass

You will be possibly surprised but definitely pleased to hear that synthetic grass is both safe for kids and pets, and also easier to care for than regular grass. It can also stand up to just about anything your dog or kids can dish out.

The first question people inevitably ask is about pets using synthetic grass as a restroom. That shouldn’t be a problem because the back of the synthetic turf is tight yet permeable, which allows fluids to flow into the absorption material under your grass. In fact, we offer a product called ZeoFill that is designed to trap and disperse those “doggie odors” that just come naturally. ZeoFill was designed as a pet infill and deodorizer to help the synthetic grass handle the more “natural” elements of pet ownership.

ZeoFill is a natural product made of volcanic ash, and it’s safe for pets, kids, and even plants. It acts as a natural coolant for the turf and is a recycled organic product.

Caring for Your New Artificial Pet Grass

Pet feces can simply be scooped up like you would a cat litter box. Excess mess and urine can simply be washed away with the hose. In the rare event, a smell lingers, wiping the area with vinegar and water will eliminate it completely.

Artificial grass consists of the backing, the infill (in this case, ZeoFill), seaming, nails, and yarns. All of these construction materials are designed to tough – these are the same materials you’ll find on professional football fields, after all. In the case of pets, the backing material should be tough to withstand your dog’s rough claws.

Interestingly, dog daycare facilities are a top customer for synthetic grass in Las Vegas. That’s because it is virtually impossible to keep grass alive in our harsh desert environment with the added stress of dogs running, jumping, and having their natural bodily functions on it.  

You also will not be using any toxic fertilizers or weed killers on your synthetic lawns, which makes it safer for pets than real grass.

Artificial turf is the perfect alternative for a green lawn for kids and pets. It’s a warm, soft surface that is hypoallergenic, resists staining from dog urine, and only needs hosing from time to time. With ZeoFill, odors are not a problem, either. 

To find out more about how artificial grass can change the life of your two-legged and four-legged family members, please contact us.

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