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Nevada is one of the most highly sought after retirement locations—specifically Southern Nevada, where ease of living, access to healthcare, warm weather, and tourist attractions draw in visitors from all around the continental United States—and beyond.

Clark County boasts more than 220,500 retired citizens, and with the advancing age of the Baby Boomer generation, this number shows no signs of diminishing. The census of 2010, demonstrated by the Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics, showed that 15% of the population is 65 and older. These numbers are projected to rise to 20% by 2030. With the popularity of Las Vegas as a retirement destination, we can only expect a form of Las Vegas retirement boom in the coming years.

This can pose a problem for retirees who wish to have lawns in Las Vegas. Many retirees are on a fixed income, who cannot afford the consistent care that a lawn demands—especially in an arid climate such as Las Vegas. Furthermore, they put themselves at risk in the high temperatures of Las Vegas heat. For many seniors, yard work simply isn’t an option. This is compounded with a generation of youngsters that lack the entrepreneurial spirit the Baby Boomers themselves had. Gone are the days where youths would roam the streets knocking on doors, offering to mow lawns for petty cash. Overgrown lawns generally denote poverty, and often bring down the property value of a home, or even a neighborhood. Some homeowners associations are even resorting to suing their neighbors when their home’s value drops.

Thankfully, there is a solution. Technology has progressed in the field of synthetic lawns. Now lawns can stay unblemished for years to come, without the need for any care. Thousands of clients are flocking every year to choose synthetic lawns for their Las Vegas home. Made from 100% clean recycled rubber, these synthetic lawns not only do their part to help seniors and the disabled communities maintain lovely homes, they also recycle potentially harmful waste into lovely lawns that customers enjoy year after year.

Practically indistinguishable from the real deal, synthetic lawns won’t deteriorate when customers leave the home, as many retirees are prone to do—such as packing up and traveling for a few months in an RV. And, as many retirees own pets in Las Vegas, now new Zeofill technology cools down the grass while removing uncomfortable smell of pet urine.

The option is clear. For senior citizens or the disabled who wish to maintain their independence, avoid high costs, while still boasting a radiant green lawn, the clearest option is a synthetic lawn.

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