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Is artificial grass safe for my kids?

By July 7, 2022No Comments
When it comes to our children’s safety, as parents, we know no limits. However, the merits of artificial turf for kids are way too good to pass by. Here are several reasons why your children are safe in the artificial lawn, and they will love it.

●No pesticides

 we are aware that children think that everything goes to their tiny mouths. With natural grass, which is easy to pluck and then start chewing, children are at risk of consuming hazardous chemicals sprayed on the grass to keep it healthy. Contrary, synthetic turf is completely safe, the grass is tightly fixed on the surface, and it would be impossible for your kids to pluck, and the ones that crawl away eating what they find are at less risk since artificial grass is hosed regularly.

●Synthetic turf is soft and feels incredible

when your baby experiences the softness on artificial turf, they will learn how to crawl very fast. The feeling of natural grass during summer is not inviting at all; it is challenging and rough, and during the rainy seasons, it gets worse the mud.

●Synthetic grass does not stain clothes

with artificial turf, the chances of getting dirty and facing the challenges of removing green stains are close to none. Your children can play football all day, they might slip and fall as all kids do, but their clothes won’t get stained, nor would they get hurt.

●Children can play all year long

natural grass needs high maintenance; with mowing, fertilizing, and spraying, your kids will not be permitted to play on the grass for some time during the year, but with fake grass, it’s playtime all year long.

●Synthetic turf dries faster

when the rain falls, the natural grass stays wet for a longer time, unlike the artificial turf. The kids will take cover from the rain, but the artificial turf will dry so fast as soon as the sun is out.

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