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Infill or non-infill artificial turf

By July 7, 2022No Comments
Infill artificial turfs are generally recommended for play areas or football grounds to add extra stability, friction, and durability. However, in some cases, infill artificial turfs are not preferred. It is vital to understand why you might need infill or non-infill artificial turf. Artificial grass infill includes quartz sand, crumb rubber, or a combination of both.
•Infill offers a structure for the synthetic turfs fibers, assisting the fibers to stand on their own. The fibers of fake grass typically lay flat without infill material if the synthetic turf has no kinky fibers in the roots.
•Infill acts as a cushion when stepping on the synthetic turf. This safeguards the roots of the materials and also adds resilience to the entire fake grass network. Infill artificial turf can withstand more conditions than the non-infill grass system in a similar setting.
•Infill protects the crucial backing from exposure to ultraviolet rays, and it helps to extend the significant life of your synthetic grass product.

At synthetic lawns of Las Vegas, our non- infill grass is the ones with frizzy materials; the frizzy fibers function the same way as infills to reinforce the grass to stand and offer relevant resilience. The three definite factors for the non-infill synthetic turfs are high stitch rate, narrow-gauge, and thatch in the root region. Non-infill turf must be dense, flexible, and can withstand enough traffic.

To decide whether you need infill or non-infill artificial turf, you have to analyze your project.
For landscape, we advise using sand infill to offer better performance and a longer duration of service.  If it is only for beauty, pool area, root region, and less traffic, it is okay to use non-infill.
We advise infilling with silica to get more stability, durability, and flexibility for the play areas.  Otherwise, we have very dense synthetic grass products that can be utilized in the playground without infill; for more resilience, add a shock pad level.
If you have a football pitch project,  it is advisable to use infilled football turf. However, for five and three -a – side or indoor purposes, the non-infill football turf is the best choice.

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