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How to prevent my artificial grass from melting from window reflection.

By June 30, 2022July 7th, 2022No Comments

Window reflection burning the artificial grass is one major drawback of artificial turfs that is never a significant factor in natural grass. This is every homeowner’s nightmare that they never wish to happen on their beautiful turfs. When the toughs are exposed to excess heat, they start melting at certain spots randomly, which ruins the turfs’ aesthetic appeal. The turfs start discoloring and curling at the ends, and at this point, you can do nothing but watch helplessly. The intense heat from the glass window reflection is usually enough to melt plastics like those found in turfs. If you are worried about your artificial turf burning from window reflection, and probably wondering how to prevent it, then you are in the right place.

Using anti-glare window film.

The most common solution to dealing with artificial grass melting from window reflection is investing in window films. This is the most effective way to go for because it reduces the amount of glare bounced back onto the lawn. It is an easy-to-install and affordable way to protect your artificial stuff. Instead of closing the shutters over your windows to stop from reflecting hot sunlight onto your turf, treat the windows’ surface with these anti-glare window films. The turf guard window film is applied to the outside of the window and does not add any solar absorption making it safe for all window and glass types. With window films, your view out through the windows won’t be impacted, but instead, you will be able to see out your windows clear. Also, anti-glare window films won’t block the pleasant visible natural light you love about your home.

How to fix melted artificial grass.

If the damage is already done, you should be able to know how to fix it without too much cost of replacing the all the artificial turfs on the yard. Fortunately, it is easy to repair damaged sections of the artificial turf. The materials you need for fixing melted artificial grass include seaming tape, utility knife, shop-vac, and replacement turf. Below are easy steps you should take to repair melted glass:

  • Vacuum up the infill. This is to reveal the backing layer to enable you to cut around the damaged area accurately.
  • Cut the turf. Use a utility knife in doing this and avoid cutting the turf fibers themselves during the process.
  • Find the direction of backing rows. Choose a replacement piece that is oriented with the rest of the turf. Make sure the fibers are facing the same direction as the rest of the lawn. Then, cut the replacement piece a size the same as the damaged area.
  • Insert the seaming tape. Place it under the opening in the turf and make sure the whole area is covered with tape.
  • Place the turf patch. Place the patch over the cut opening and gently press it to ensure it is completely secured.

Artificial grass is a big investment; thus, taking good care of it will make it last for longer, even during hot summer. While you can’t stop the sun from shining, you can try and take steps in reducing glare from low-energy windows. A simple turf guard window film will help in preventing damage to your artificial grass.

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