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How to maintain artificial grass with dogs.

By July 7, 2022No Comments
Regardless of being easier to manage, you may be uncertain whether the synthetic turf is suitable for you if you have pets; how do you manage an artificial lawn when you have dogs that excrete almost all the time? The truth is dogs can poop and pee on artificial grass, similarly to natural grass. The best part is that you won’t have to scoop up after your furry best friend has done his thing on the lawn.  The urine will drain away from the same way as rainwater, and for the poop, it is advisable to hose down the affected area to obliterate the residual mess.
 It is essential to remember that even with synthetic grass, an odor is bound to come if your dog excretes on it. However, this can be easily solved by cleaning thoroughly to remove the stains and the foul odor. Proper cleaning soaps should remove the bad smell by combining the odor-causing particles, lowering their volatility, and preventing them from accessing the nose. At synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas, we offer the necessary products, ZeoFill, that are the ultimate remedy to maintain your artificial lawn and keep your dog happy.  We care for you and your pets too. For more information on our service and products, or to get a more profound elaboration of how to manage your fake turf when you have a dog, contact us.

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