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When a state panel put forth the short-term and long-range recommendations for Nevada’s water crisis at the start of 2016, the outlook became clear—Nevada’s water future looks grim.

After four years of drought, Gov. Sandoval created a drought panel as a reactionary measure. The recommendations delivered to Gov. Brian Sandoval from the Nevada Drought Forum were to require water meters on all water outlets, and to step up water conservation efforts with thorough drought monitoring. It appears that much of the proposed measures will be coming soon, in time for the 2017 legislature.

The director of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Leo Drozdoff, was appointed by the governor to lead the Drought Panel as its chair. Leo simply said, “There’s work to be done following this effort.”

Furthermore, one of the main points the drought panel’s report addressed were the “thirsty landscape requirements” of many homeowner associations. The drought panel will put forth a bill draft for consideration by the 2017 Legislature, and included in it may very well be a law making it illegal for any homeowner’s association to mandate the use of natural grass lawns.

Legislature of this nature is a huge step forward in addressing the needs of the State of Nevada. However, many homeowners associations have welcomed the new technology available in artificial lawns. Gone are the days where the turf looks neon green and smells awful. The demand for synthetic lawns has continued to grow, enabling better and better results.

Today, synthetic lawns are affordable. The grass itself is created from 100% recycled rubber, so it is doubly helping the environment. The blades are different lengths giving your lawn a natural look, and it is just as soft as natural grass. However, it’s safer and far more durable.

In addition, for those skeptical pet owners, there is new Zeofill technology that keeps the grass smelling fresh instead of becoming saturated with the smells of pet urine. This groundbreaking technology also helps keeps the grass cool, even in the hottest months.

Finally, Southern Nevada Water Authority can help you get approved for a rebate with the help of a Water Smart Contractor such as Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas. Thus, you can end up saving money while you save the environment. There’s nothing to lose!

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