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Does all artificial grass get hot?

By July 7, 2022No Comments
When synthetic turf is made from inferior quality materials, it is bound to absorb a lot of heat from the sun, especially here in Las Vegas, and the solar rays are not as forgiving.  Most of us have accepted the merits of artificial turf. Here in Las Vegas, the prospective clients have one primary concern; their synthetic grass will not age-appropriately due to the extreme climate conditions in the Las Vegas sun and the heat. We can assure you that our artificial grass will age fine at synthetic grass Las Vegas, as it would in any other climatic environment.
People who reside in Las Vegas are already used to the heat. If you have ever left soda or food in your car, then you know the heat’s effect on things in this region and the urgency to replace or repaint outdoor items after a short period. It is usual for the residents in Las Vegas to be worried if the synthetic turf will be melted down by the sun or fade.
 However, at Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas, we have incorporated scientifically suitable materials that block heat, reducing the escalating temperatures by reflecting the ultraviolet rays; they minimize heat accumulation and thermal emissivity. Heat accumulation happens when the thermal energy from the Ultraviolet rays hits an object’s surface. Emissivity is a scientific name for the level to which an object produces heat. Like the way dark clothes absorb a lot of heat compared to lighter clothes, synthetic grass can also absorb and produce heat, resulting in a very uncomfortable feeling when the temperatures are up. Therefore artificial grass from the Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas has reflective particles incorporated that will dissipate heat accumulation and lower fiber emissivity by nearly twenty percent cooler than regular fake grass products.  At Synthetic Lawn Las Vegas, we are confident in the artificial turf we produce; in fact, we offer a warrant for them for years.

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