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Do artificial grass turfs get hot?

By July 7, 2022No Comments

Artificial grass is very easy to maintain, and that is why it’s loved by those who value their time and aesthetics. However, many people question how the ‘fake grass’ will behave when exposed to hot outdoor temperatures. The short answer to this question is a resounding yes. Artificial grass can get hotter compared to natural grass, especially in the Las Vegas summer heat. However, we need to know that artificial grass is made out of materials that have a high melting point, and thus, it is difficult for the material to melt or burn in the sun. 

What causes artificial grass to get hot?

Artificial turfs are known to get hot when exposed to direct extended sunlight. When the sun heats up the lawn, a lot of heat will stay in the grass, and the heat won’t be absorbed into the soil below. However, when the temperatures go low and shadows appear, it rapidly cools down, meaning the heat can’t be retained forever. The fact that artificial turfs get a little hot is not a reason enough to get rid of it as it has many other advantages over natural grass.

How to cool artificial grass turfs when they get hot.

  • Choose the right grass color and infill- The first thing to consider here is the grass color. Like clothes, we need to choose a lighter color for our artificial turfs that we are sure won’t absorb a lot of heat. Also, using the suitable infill is an essential step in regulating the temperature within the grass blades. When you choose the right infill, air will flow throughout the grass, cooling it down. Opt for silica sand and durafill sand designed with lighter colors to avoid trapping the heat from sun rays. 
  • Cool it with water– Even on a boiling hot day, do a quick spray of water on your artificial lawn, and it will cool off very quickly. Don’t do it for hours since a few minutes of sprinkling water will reduce the surface temperature. If you have no time for holding your garden hose when sprinkling, install a sprinkler system that will water your lawn for you every day during summer at a set time.
  • Provide shade for the grass- There are so many ways in which you can do this. For instance, cover all or part of your lawn with shade sails to block direct sunlight. It will definitely reduce heat absorption and provide a shady spot to play and relax. You can also plant trees and shrubs. It may take a while to grow, but they will be of substantial help by providing a shaded outdoor space.
  • Choose an artificial grass that stays cool- It is by far the easiest way to keep your lawn cool. The technology in artificial grass making has evolved, and that is why nowadays, there are varieties designed specifically to be heat resistant and perform well in the hottest areas. Choose one with a lower density and weight and a shorter pile height, which will keep the lawn cool.

Concerns about heat shouldn’t put your plans off shifting to artificial lawn. Even in areas with high temperatures and intense sun, modern-day artificial grass is engineered to stay colorful and robust.

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