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Differences in Various Types of Artificial Grass

By July 7, 2022No Comments

Artificial grass is changing the way business, people, and homeowners in hot and sunny areas of Las Vegas can maintain an attractive green yard without overspending on maintenance. Artificial grass makes this possible because of its beauty and low maintenance costs, and it is also safe for pets and children. However, there are different types of artificial grass in the market, and it is essential to know the various types of synthetic grass to use before deciding to install it. The different types of synthetic turf differ by material, color, purpose, and features. This article discusses material, pile height, and features.



It is the strongest artificial grass on the market. This type of grass can withstand high temperatures and heavy weight without spoiling its original shape.  Nylon artificial grass is however expensive and stiff, and therefore not used often for landscaping or backyards. This grass does not feel natural because of its stiffness and texture, but it is long-lasting when correctly installed. 


Most homeowners prefer polyethylene artificial grass installed in their homes. This grass does not only look amazing because of a variety of textures and bright green colors, but it also has a softer an a more natural feel than nylon. It is non-porous and therefore does not retain odors like the nylon artificial grass. Polyethylene artificial grass can stand up to abuse and play almost as well as nylon option.


This is the least durable and the least expensive artificial grass option. This grass has fine texture and therefore wears out fast. Heat affects polypropylene and it is therefore not suitable for outdoors. It can however be used indoors for decoration.

Pile Height


Artificial grass shorter than 30mm might make it not to look like natural, as opposed to a bit longer option. However, shorter piles have a few benefits in some instances. It can be a good option for a yard for dogs or a putting green.


Most artificial grass has an average height of between 30 to 37mm. the height ensures enough height for a natural look while standing on its own. It is a good option for a multi-use yard.


Artificial grass longer than 37mm starts to become heavy and flat. Although there are those who can choose a full lawn with longer piles, longer blades look unnatural.


UV Stabilized

This grass can withstand hot sun, and therefore the best outdoor option.

Urethane Backing

The right backing ensures the artificial grass lasts longer and allows water to drain.

Non-absorbent Fiber

This artificial grass does not absorb any smells, unlike the absorbent grasses. Although it is slightly costly, it saves you from upkeep and cleaning.

Heat and Frost Resistant

This grass is able to withstand temperature swings such as freezing nights and hot summer days.


This artificial grass is best for places that will have a fire set up nearby and this ensures there is no risk of spreading fire.

Varied Color Blades

Color blade variations make sure grass looks as natural as possible, creating a natural look for your lawn.


Perforation makes sure water and messes drain quickly through the artificial grass for wet areas.


This artificial grass does not stain easily, protecting the appearance of the grass.

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