Why pets love artificial grass.

Most people in Las Vegas consider pets as part of their families mainly because they offer comfort and always brings a smile on the faces. Considering that pets have a special place in our hearts, it is only fair to provide comfortable areas where our pets can roam and explore on.  It is not a … Read more

How is artificial grass installed?

How is artificial grass installed? Green lush at the front and the back of your house is a desire every homeowner in las vegas has. Synthetic grass needs little or no maintenance, it is relatively easy to install, and its rich green color all over the year checks every box, right? So what do you … Read more

Artificial grass increases your home’s value.

Are you interested in increasing your home’s value, both in the perceived and actual aspect? If you have purchased a house, then you understand, the process of house searching is tedious. Moving from one place to another and not knowing for sure if that should be your permanent home forever. We all know how crucial … Read more

How to maintain artificial grass with dogs.

Regardless of being easier to manage, you may be uncertain whether the synthetic turf is suitable for you if you have pets; how do you manage an artificial lawn when you have dogs that excrete almost all the time? The truth is dogs can poop and pee on artificial grass, similarly to natural grass. The … Read more

SNWA rebate for converting natural grass into artificial

The southern Nevada water authority is directing more funds into one of its trademark efforts. The authority will now pay the residents and commercial owners three dollars for every square foot of natural grass they rip out and replace it with synthetic turf. Agency officials hope the rebate will encourage more contribution in the nine-year-old … Read more

How to maintain your new artificial lawn

Contrary to common belief, you will not have to clean your synthetic turf daily. Rainwater will clean away most of the dirt on the surface. However, at Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas, we recommend that you hose the lawn down atleast monthly for it to t appear its best. Synthetic grass needs some minimal level … Read more

Why choose Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas?

Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas is committed to offering homeowners superior quality artificial grass products and expert installation at an affordable price. We have installed thousands of artificial grass lawns and putting greens in the Las Vegas area. We know how challenging it is for you as a consumer attempting to select a suitable contractor … Read more

Artificial Grass Las Vegas

Benefits of artificial grass over natural grass [dt_gap height=”10″ /] There are numerous merits of artificial grass apart from the typical aesthetics. Remarkable warranties, high-quality manufacturing, and environmental advantages have entirely transformed the synthetic grass approach, a cost-efficient alternative to natural grass. Here are several benefits; [dt_gap height=”10″ /] •Reduces your water expenses with artificial … Read more

Artificial grass vs real grass – Which is better?

We know there is nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass. If you’ve moved to Las Vegas from anything but a desert climate, it might be one of those experiences that you miss the most. When nostalgia sets in, you might be tempted to add a patch of sod to a front or back … Read more