Synthetic Turf and Playground Injuries

The National Program for Playground Safety spelled out the dangers of falling from playground equipment. From 2001 to 2008, 218,851 children ended up in emergency rooms from spills off of playground equipment. Could the use of synthetic turf have prevented these injuries? This article looks at the danger of falling on the gravel or hard packed dirt … Read more

Saving Money and 4 More Reasons to Choose Artificial Grass

If you have been wondering about artificial grass solutions and researching online, you might have read that artificial turf is 10 to 15 percent more popular each year in US. There might be skeptics or people simply thinking it is weird, but for most of us, when you try artificial grass, you never go back. … Read more

Artificial Turf and the Rainy Season

In Nevada, when it rains, it really does pour, right? During our “monsoon season,” we get calls from homeowners wondering what they should be doing with their synthetic lawns. They know their artificial grass is maintenance free, but there’s something so unusual about rain in the desert, that some commercial and residential property owners call … Read more

Real Grass vs. Artificial Grass – Maintenance

Maintaining your lawn in Las Vegas can be tough. Let’s face it; green grass is not natural to the desert. If you’re not planting native plants, like cactus, which store water within the plant itself, you will be tied to watering whatever you plant morning, noon, and night. With summer watering restrictions in place from … Read more

ZEO Fills Reviews — Best Grass for Pets

You already know that maintain a real grass lawn is very difficult. Desert temperatures and a lack of rainfall make for a lethal mix for most lawns in Las Vegas. But when you add a dog (or three) to the mix, your poor lawn will probably pack it up and head to Boston for a … Read more

What’s the process for installing artificial grass?

Whether you’re waiting for your artificial turf to be installed, or you’re still considering making the purchase, we thought it might be helpful to understand the steps we’ll take when installing your synthetic grass. While there may be a few variations, depending upon whether you’ve added Zeofill or other upgrades, the basic process stays the same, … Read more

Experts Urge New Legislature during Crippling Nevada Drought

When a state panel put forth the short-term and long-range recommendations for Nevada’s water crisis at the start of 2016, the outlook became clear—Nevada’s water future looks grim. After four years of drought, Gov. Sandoval created a drought panel as a reactionary measure. The recommendations delivered to Gov. Brian Sandoval from the Nevada Drought Forum … Read more

Lawns Pose Problem for Many Retirees in Las Vegas

Nevada is one of the most highly sought after retirement locations—specifically Southern Nevada, where ease of living, access to healthcare, warm weather, and tourist attractions draw in visitors from all around the continental United States—and beyond. Clark County boasts more than 220,500 retired citizens, and with the advancing age of the Baby Boomer generation, this … Read more