Tips to Keep your Artificial Putting Green in Mint Condition.

 The beauty of artificial turf is that it requires minimal maintenance efforts. When you decide to have an artificial putting green in your backyard, some upkeep will be necessary to keep it in optimal shape. Below are some tips that will help you keep your artificial putting green beautiful, functional, and in mint condition. [dt_gap … Read more

Other uses of artificial grass.

Synthetic grass is truly a multipurpose product that has been utilized in a vast range of applications. Are you aware that artificial grass has been used for nearly everything, extending from phone covers to nails to indoor gyms? Below are various uses of synthetic grass: [dt_gap height=”10″ /] ●Football pitch- it helps the pitch be … Read more

What’s the difference in the types of artificial grass?

Like the way natural grass has different kinds of grass, synthetic turf has varieties of grass mainly made to meet various demands. Softer materials are not as durable as those that can make a stiffer and more durable surface; the thinner combination wears out fast when in high traffic, thus shortening the product’s lifespan. The … Read more

Can I put artificial grass around my pool?

Lounging around in your pool during summer is a superb way of relaxing and enjoying what life has to offer. Selecting the type of landscaping you desire for the area surrounding your pool, you will require something that will be very beautiful, safe, and durable. Synthetic grass is a natural additive to your swimming pool’s … Read more

How Much can I get for converting my lawn to artificial grass?

How Much can I get for converting my lawn to artificial grass? [dt_gap height=”10″ /] The SNWA (Southern Nevada water authority) channels a lot of money into one of its trademark efforts. The administration will be paying the residents and commercial owners three dollars for every square foot of natural grass they remove and replace … Read more

Is artificial grass safe for my kids?

When it comes to our children’s safety, as parents, we know no limits. However, the merits of artificial turf for kids are way too good to pass by. Here are several reasons why your children are safe in the artificial lawn, and they will love it. [dt_gap height=”10″ /] ●No pesticides  we are aware that … Read more

Does all artificial grass get hot?

When synthetic turf is made from inferior quality materials, it is bound to absorb a lot of heat from the sun, especially here in Las Vegas, and the solar rays are not as forgiving.  Most of us have accepted the merits of artificial turf. Here in Las Vegas, the prospective clients have one primary concern; … Read more

Pets love artificial grass

Some people wonder if their pets will love artificial grass. Animals love romping around in the dust, mud, and the grass too much, or so the narrative goes. This is not the truth; given a chance, your beloved kitten or dog will love your new synthetic lawn, and now we shall enlighten you why your … Read more

Why choose the Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas

Why choose the Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas [dt_gap height=”10″ /] If you need the best quality, cost-effective, and properly installed artificial turf, contact us, the Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas. Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas is striving to provide homeowners with the best quality fake grass products and professional installation at an affordable price. … Read more