Artificial Grass projects

Will installing synthetic lawn help increase my property value?   Most of the homeowners are now switching to artificial grass for the immediate and long-lasting effects it has over natural grass. Having artificial turf for your lawn comes with many benefits for the entire family, your pets included. Anyone that has bought a house can … Read more

Why are sprinklers a bad idea for artificial grass?

The idea of a  sprinkler system used with your artificial grass lawn sounds like a great way to keep the grass clean, wash down urine from pets and keep the turf cooler, but Unfortunately it comes with many drawbacks especially in the Las Vegas Valley. [dt_gap height=”10″ /] The constant watering of the artificial grass … Read more

Does all artificial grass require infill?

Do I need infill for my artificial grass; do you have non-infill artificial grass? Infill or non-infill, which one is better? These are some of the many questions frequently asked by homeowners. Artificial grass infill is any product that is placed between the blades of artificial grass. The commonly used infill types in the marketplace … Read more

How to prevent wrinkles in artificial grass

More often than not, wrinkles or creases tend to appear in your artificial grass, especially during the hot summer months. These wrinkles could be as a result of poor-quality turfs, poor installation techniques, or high temperatures. However, we have a bunch of techniques and methods you can use when installing your artificial grass to prevent … Read more

Why pets love artificial grass.

Most people in Las Vegas consider pets as part of their families mainly because they offer comfort and always brings a smile on the faces. Considering that pets have a special place in our hearts, it is only fair to provide comfortable areas where our pets can roam and explore on.  It is not a … Read more

Is Artificial Grass Safe for the Environment?

Are you having the same doubts like other millions of homeowners across the US on the eco-friendliness of artificial turfs? If you’re planning to renovate your backyard or front lawn but found yourself stuck in between keeping your conventional lawn or going for the artificial grass, you should not worry. That’s a normal thing for … Read more

How long does synthetic grass last in the Las Vegas climate?

How long does synthetic grass last in the Las Vegas climate? Are you thinking about acquiring synthetic turf in your Las Vegas home or property? Fake grass is perfect for your pets’ poop and pee due to the filler materials installed by professional phony grass installers. Most of us have accepted the merits of the … Read more

Is artificial grass suitable for the environment?

Regardless of all the benefits of synthetic grass, some people are scared to change due to their concerns about the fake grass effect on the environment. Below are some interesting facts about fake grass that show how eco-friendly it is. [dt_gap height=”10″ /] •Water usage- unlike natural grass, fake grass does not need water. It … Read more

How is artificial grass installed?

How is artificial grass installed? Green lush at the front and the back of your house is a desire every homeowner in las vegas has. Synthetic grass needs little or no maintenance, it is relatively easy to install, and its rich green color all over the year checks every box, right? So what do you … Read more