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Artificial grass vs real grass – Which is better?

By July 7, 2022September 19th, 2022No Comments

We know there is nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass. If you’ve moved to Las Vegas from anything but a desert climate, it might be one of those experiences that you miss the most. When nostalgia sets in, you might be tempted to add a patch of sod to a front or back lawn, to try to recreate the kind of environment you once enjoyed.

But does real grass make sense in a desert environment?

This article compares real grass against synthetic alternatives. In a comparison of artificial grass versus real grass – which is better for Las Vegas?

Pros and Con’s of Real Grass 

Real grass needs dirt, water, and sun. Unfortunately, Las Vegas only consistently has two of these requirements. Therein lies the obvious problem; a real grass-covered lawn will require a tremendous amount of regular maintenance to even get it to sprout. Of course, buying turf is a possibility; but keeping it watered, especially during the hot summer months, will be a challenge.

Let’s talk about water for a moment. If you’re new to the area, you’ll soon realize that the most precious commodity in the desert is water. The Southern Nevada Water Authority is tasked with monitoring consumer usage of water in the Las Vegas valley. The organization not only limits the times and amount of outdoor plant watering that can occur, it also limits the size of the grass lawns planted at new homes and apartments.

You may not realize it, but Las Vegas residents are prohibited from planting real grass in their front yards. The size of a grass lawn in the back or at the side of a home is severely limited; that is because there simply isn’t enough water to go around. These turf rules extend beyond Las Vegas, across Boulder City, Clark County, and Henderson.

So, while real grass is an eye-appealing and comforting part of any landscape, it is not particularly environmentally friendly for our Las Vegas climate. 

What About Artificial Turf?

Property owners that want a worry and maintenance-free alternative to the water-consuming natural sod lawn should consider artificial turf. Synthetic grass is a carpet of green fibers that never needs watering or mowing. It is both pet and child-friendly; artificial grass will not wear down or turn yellow as your pets and kids frolic.

Artificial grass was designed specifically to add curb appeal to your home. In desert climates, this means an eye-catching expanse of greenery in the midst of desert browns and greys. People will comment about your lawn – which will stay a perfect green even in the shade. Artificial grass can withstand the most torturous desert days or downright frigid nights.

Imagine getting home from work to a lush green front lawn. Instead of spending the evening pushing a mower around in 100-degree heat, you can spend your evening hanging out with the family as you enjoy your perfect, maintenance-free artificial grass.

In Las Vegas, the choice is clear. Synthetic Lawns of Las Vegas is standing by to help you create the look you’ve been longing for. Contact us today.

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