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5 Reasons Synthetic Grass is Gaining Popularity in Las Vegas

By July 7, 2022September 19th, 2022No Comments

From child play areas to dog runs, pool surrounds, and putting greens, Las Vegas homes and businesses are covering their desert soil with artificial grass. Most of the time, you can’t even tell the difference between the real stuff and its synthetic cousin. That’s because Las Vegas artificial grass has gotten better over the years at mimicking the appearance of natural grass without having any of the meticulous and time-consuming upkeep of the real thing.

But why is artificial grass getting so popular? It’s not just in Las Vegas, either; you’ll find synthetic lawn installation companies in any major city in the United States. What’s the secret to its popularity, and why are home and commercial property owners flocking to artificial turf?

Las Vegas Artificial Grass Leads the Market

House Logic suggests the market for synthetic grass has expanded by a steady 10 to 15% annually in the U.S. You’ll see it cropping up in small spaces, such as the little border cracks between patio pavers in a residential home setting. But you’ll also find it splashed across big spaces; of course, football stadiums come to mind.

The reason for the popularity of artificial turf is simple, really. Artificial Grass has a number of benefits over real grass. Here are five positive benefits of any artificial turf installation, whether it’s residential or commercial:

  1. Virtually zero maintenance. There is no mowing or trimming, no fertilization, or weed pulling with artificial turf.
  2. If you use ZeoFill as a substrate, there’s not even any pet mess to clean up. Artificial grass needs a hose down once or twice a week. That’s pretty much it.
  3. It’s a green alternative to the water-sucking real grass that truly isn’t even appropriate for our desert climate. It’s a choice that even the Southern Nevada Water Authority would applaud. If your goal is to have curb appeal without using up our vital natural resources, artificial turf is a great choice.
  4. You’re concerned about the harsh chemicals used to fertilize your real grass. In order to grow a perfectly lush green carpet for a front lawn, homeowners and businesses need to use some pretty hard chemicals to eliminate weeds and fertilize the soil. There are organic options on the market, but they simply don’t work as well and also come with hazards (read the label). The alternative is simple: artificial grass.
  5. You want hassle-free green space for the next ten years. Artificial turf comes with a good-sized price tag up front — somewhere between $5 to $20 per square foot. But then the grass is free for the next decade, which is about how long we see artificial grass holding up. (Of course, this depends on wear and tear.)

For all these reasons, homeowners and business property holders all use artificial grass as a viable alternative to real grass. Real grass in the Nevada desert climate is almost a sin – with the water restrictions we have in place, it is simply a luxury our environment probably can’t afford.

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